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The Czech and Slovak network operator communities to meet at the CSNOG conference

Major Czech and Slovak Internet network organizations are preparing the first annual CSNOG (Czech and Slovak Network Operators Group) community meeting, which will be held on June 11 and 12, 2018, in Brno. The aim of this two-day event is primarily to enable mutual exchange of experience, discussion of current issues and sharing of solutions leading to the development of Internet networks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Call for Abstracts (valid until April 20) will be found on the website published today. The main organizers of the first year of the event are CZ.NIC, administrator of the Czech national domain, and NIX.CZ, a neutral peering node for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“NOG meetings usually have a community feel, which makes them significantly different from other conventionally held conferences. It is often said that NOG events are held for network operators. However, these include not only ISPs, but also CDN operators, hosting companies, domain name administrators and registrars, operating system developers, and many others. I believe that CSNOG will also deal with telecommunication regulations, global networks, new technologies, Internet interconnections at peering node level and, of course, security,” said Sergey Myasoedov, Program Director of the Czech-Slovak CSNOG.

“NOG events take place in a number of countries and regions. Their goal is to connect Internet network specialists and enable them to get to know each other and share their experience. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, no such event has yet been held, and because the network operator communities of these two countries are very close, we have decided to organize a NOG-type event together,” said Ondřej Filip, CEO of CZ.NIC.

“These meetings are quite popular and have a long tradition in the network operator community. We want CSNOG to become a regular event, serving every year as a place for meeting and discussion for representatives of ISPs, network operators, registrars, network engineers and Internet and network technology enthusiasts. The purpose of the meeting is also to bring together and develop communities of these experts from both countries,” added Martin Semrád, director of the Czech neutral peering node NIX.CZ, which since 2015 has operated the Slovak peering node NIX.SK.

The founding members of CSNOG are non-profit associations CZ.NIC and NIX.CZ. At the moment, the Slovak Republic is represented in the organizing committee by and VNET. Because it is a community event, it should also include other entities from both countries. The organizers therefore invite the broad professional public to engage in this event. Contact details through which you can apply are available at

People who want to give a presentation at the event can submit their contributions at the website by April 20th. Abstracts in Czech, Slovak and English will be accepted.

Additional information on the CSNOG conference will be posted on the event’s website and on the social networking sites Twitter and Facebook.


The 6th CEE Peering Days event

The 6th CEE Peering Days conference took place in Berlin last week. The conference traditionally welcomes the representatives of peering nodes, ISPs, and Datacenter providers. Over the years this conference has become a major event and one which is regularly attended by experts from around the world to share their experience and discuss potential cooperation with fellow attendees. The main organizers of the event were the neutral peering nodes: NIX.CZ, and, and the local partner of the conference was the Berlin-based BCIX.

Martin Semrád, CEO of NIX.CZ., said that:"Interest in the CEE Peering Days is growing across Europe and the Central European conference is becoming a pan-European event. A total of 214 participants attended this year’s event, thanks to which we also received support from the European Commission's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). In addition to traditional topics related to routing and security, topics of regulatory issues - which IXPs must often address - in particular the implications of the NIS Directive discussed by Zuzana Duračinska from CSIRT.CZ, were included in the programme ".

Presentations by representatives of EURO-IX, RIPE NCC, Netflix or PeeringDB are already available on the conference website. Those who are interested may find a comprehensive report including photos at


News at NIX.SK

NIX.SK's, the Slovakian peering node operated by NIX.CZ, latest news is the connection of Valve.  Thanks to this new addition the traffic levels of NIX.SK increased to a new record which is currently 36.6 Gbps. Another intriguing and important novelty is the launch of the I-root mirror Root Server, operated by Netnod at the Bratislava SITEL Data Center. Both of these events will allow further development of the NIX.SK node and will help to increase the traffic level and stability of all connected networks.


Registration for CEE Peering Days 2018 now open

You can now register for the sixth annual CEE Peering Days by going to The conference will take place on 6th and 7th March 2018 in Berlin and is again jointly organised by the neutral peering nodes NIX.CZ, and, with BCIX as our local partner.

The two-day conference will be open to visitors from around the world to share knowledge and experience in the fields of internet peering, data centres or network security. In addition to the main program, the event will also include workshops led by our colleagues from RIPE NCC, as well as bilateral meetings.

Prospective attendees are invited to download the conference app - an easy way to keep up to date with all the important information about the event.


NIX.CZ Association has a new Chairman of the Board

At today’s meeting, the Board of Directors of NIX.CZ, the neutral peering node for the Czech Republic, elected Ondřej Filip as the new Chairman. Filip will take up his position on 1 July, replacing Josef Chomyn, who has been appointed to the Czech Telecommunication Office Council two weeks ago. Ondřej Filip is not exactly a newcomer - he has been a member of the Association’s governing body since 2002. From the beginning of July, the Board of the Czech neutral node will therefore have four members: Ondřej Filip, Zbyněk Pospíchal, Jaroslav Střeštík and Milan Švácha.
Josef Chomyn has made an indelible mark on the Association. As a member of the Board of Directors and its Chairman, he has been a leading voice in our Association for more than 17 years. It is also thanks to him that today, NIX.CZ is one of the most important European interconnection hubs. Personally, I would like to wish Josef continued success in his work as a member of the Council of the Czech Telecommunication Office. It is a great honour to be taking over this position after him,“ said Ondřej Filip.
Ondřej Filip graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague (Computer Science) and the University of Pittsburgh - Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business (MBA). During his studies at Charles University, he worked at IPEX, where he later became the Technical Director and Member of the Board. Since 2004, Ondřej Filip has been the Managing Director of CZ.NIC, a national domain administrator. In addition to performing his functions at CZ.NIC and NIX.CZ, he is also active on the boards of two key international organisations: Euro-IX (European Internet Exchange Association) and IX-F (Internet eXchange Federation).