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NIX.CZ offers new ports for two months free of charge

As many people are now working remotely, this is putting unusual strain on Internet networks, which may cause capacity problems. The Board of Directors of NIX.CZ has decided to offer new ports free of charge for two months, by which the Czech neutral peering node wants to help, when a large part of the country relies on services provided over the Internet.

 “We are aware that a large part of the population is currently working from home, which is generating a great strain on our members’ and customers’ networks. Therefore, anyone who orders new ports or upgrades existing ones in the next 30 days, will receive this capacity for two months free of charge. After this period, it will also be possible to cancel these ports free of charge. We will continue to monitor the development and, if necessary, come up with another form of assistance,” says Adam Golecký, Director of NIX.CZ.


Peering Days 2020 will welcome its attendees next March in Krakow, Poland

Peering Days 2020, the traditional networking conference will take place on 17th-19th March next year in Krakow, Poland. The event, for which you can already register, is organized for the eighth time, it is regularly frequented by peering exchange operators, datacentre and network administrators not only from Europe but also from around the world. The Peering Days event is co-organized by the Czech neutral peering node NIX.CZ, Viennese and from Hungary.

The Peering Days conference will offer a number of interesting lectures, workshops and generous space for bilateral meetings. Applicants interested in presenting can send their presentation abstract to 31st January 2020. Further information on acceptance will follow after the submission deadline.

All information, including the registration form, is available at


NIX.CZ data flow exceeded one terabit


NIX.CZ has joined the ranks of the MANRS initiative

As of August 30th, the NIX.CZ Association has been a member of the MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) global initiative, which supports security and compliance with networking standards. The Czech Neutral Internet exchange now has the status of 'participating IXP', as it meets the five core areas to which MANRS assigns great importance (i.e.: coordination, protection, support, prevention and tools). The MANRS initiative, also supported by the Internet Society, focuses on anti-spoofing, coordination, filtering and so-called global validation.


Networks peering within the NIX.SK node can now connect to the NIX.CZ node

NIX.CZ, which operates the Slovak peering node NIX.SK, announced the interconnection of these two nodes last week. This link is now implemented by one line, with a back-up line that will guarantee the availability of services in the event of a downtime will be put into operation in the near future.

Companies connected to the NIX.SK node can now choose to subscribe only to public peering services within NIX.SK or to use services connected to the NIX.CZ node on the same port.

For companies interested in peering within NIX.CZ, a new pricelist applies from 1 July. The current price of a port accessing both NIX.SK and NIX.CZ is in case of the first 1GE port 1EUR, next 1GE ports will be for 75 EUR. A 10GE port will cost 515 EUR and a 100GE port will be for 1 920 EUR.

More information is available upon request at