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The next issue of NIX.CZ's newsletter has been published

The new issue of our quarterly newsletter presents a comparison of the past and current network topology of the Czech peering node, informs about a new member of the FENIX security project, serves as a reminder to register for the next international CEE Peering Day 2016 conference, which will take place in Budapest and notifies about the entry of IX Reach into NIX.CZ’s Partner Programme. For detailed information, open the next edition of the newsletter NIX.CZ.


Registration opens for CEE Peering Days 2016 conference

From today it is possible to register for the fourth annual CEE Peering Days 2016 conference, which will be held on March 30 to 31, 2016 in Budapest. The conference is traditionally organised by the Czech peering exchange NIX.CZ in collaboration with our colleagues from Vienna, and newly also with our colleagues fromBudapest,
RIPE NCC will also participate in the the event as an organiser of technically oriented workshops. In addition to interesting lectures and panel discussions, the conference will also offer bilateral meetings. You can arrange your meetings via the Rendezvous Point application. 

The capacity of the event is 250 people, the workshop is open to 40 participant at a time. All important information including the program is to be found at the event’s website


The first Route Server has been connected in NIX.SK to be used by all connected networks

The first Route Server has become publicly available in NIX.SK peering node, operated by the NIX.CZ Association. This server is a J-Root, which is globally operated by Verisign.  This company has been a long-term customer in NIX.CZ and its expansion to Slovakia is an outcome of a continual cooperation. 

"Until now, there was only a C-Root server deployed in Slovakia, operated by Cogent Communications. However, this server had not been connected to any peering nodes and its services could be used exclusively by customers of Cogent Communications. The advantage of a J-Root server is its direct connection to the peering node which enables access to all connected networks. In case of NIX.SK it is already 26 networks. All newly joined networks will have the possibility to use the Route Server services" said Adam Golecky, CTO of NIX.SK.


The next issue of NIX.CZ's newsletter has been published

The new issue of our quarterly newsletter informs about our summer activities, such as the consolidation of our hardware. Furthermore you can read about the update of the Prague L-Root Server. The newsletter notifies also about the fourth annual Peering Days conference which will be held in Budapest, Hungary. Read more in the newsletter.


The next issue of NIX.CZ's newsletter has been published

The new issue of our quarterly newsletter focuses primarily on the activities related to the Slovak peering node NIX.SK and the security FENIX project. The readers are advised about NIX.CZ’s participations in various events as well as it brings a summary of newly connected networks in Prague and Bratislava nodes. Read more in the newsletter.