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Networks peering within the NIX.SK node can now connect to the NIX.CZ node

NIX.CZ, which operates the Slovak peering node NIX.SK, announced the interconnection of these two nodes last week. This link is now implemented by one line, with a back-up line that will guarantee the availability of services in the event of a downtime will be put into operation in the near future.

Companies connected to the NIX.SK node can now choose to subscribe only to public peering services within NIX.SK or to use services connected to the NIX.CZ node on the same port.

For companies interested in peering within NIX.CZ, a new pricelist applies from 1 July. The current price of a port accessing both NIX.SK and NIX.CZ is in case of the first 1GE port 1EUR, next 1GE ports will be for 75 EUR. A 10GE port will cost 515 EUR and a 100GE port will be for 1 920 EUR.

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