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The seventh Peering Days attracted network specialists from all over the world to Zagreb

The seventh Peering Days event took place last week in Zagreb, Croatia. Representatives of peering nodes, ISPs and datacentre providers from all over the world now traditionally meet  at this two-day event to share their experience and to discuss potential cooperation. The main organizers of this year's event were NIX.CZ (Czech Republic), (Austria) and (Hungary), the local partner of the conference was Croatian CIX.

This event proved the increasing importance of Peering Days as a total of 170 participants from 25 countries arrived in Zagreb. The largest number of network managers and networking experts arrived from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Croatia and the UK, nevertheless representatives from Japan and the United States were present at the event as well.

Presentations, also available in PDF at the event website, were largely focused on Internet infrastructure security. You can read a detailed summary of day one and day two of the event on the industry server