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The organizers of CSNOG, the first meeting of Czechoslovak networkers, published the presentations and videos

Today, the organizers of CSNOG (Czech and Slovak Network Operators Group), the first meeting of Czechoslovak network administrators, made the presentations and video footage available on their website. In the Programme section there are presentations of all participants, including representatives of CESNET, ČTÚ, CZ.NIC, Facebook, ISC, NIX.CZ or RIPE NCC.

“We are happy for the opportunity to be present at the launching of something extraordinary, an event that brings together network administrators and IT specialists, who engage in discussions, give lecturers and exchange their experience. The meeting of network administrators not only from the Czech Republic and Slovakia was successful and I dare say that we have something to build on in the future. I can confirm for the NIX.CZ Association that we will keep participating in CSNOG in the future as well as our traditional Peering Days conference. Such community events are very important and one of our goals is to support them and participate actively in them,” said Adam Golecký, director of the NIX.CZ Association.

The aim of this two-day event, which took place on June 11 and 12 in Brno, was to enable mutual exchange of experience, discussion of topical issues and sharing solutions leading to the development of Internet networks in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

CZ.NIC, the administrator of the Czech national domain, and NIX.CZ, the neutral peering node for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, participated in the organization of this first meeting.