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Martin Semrád steps down as CEO of NIX.CZ

Martin Semrád, the current Director of the Czech neutral peering point NIX.CZ, has agreed today with the Board of Trustees of the organisation to leave his position. Leadership of the Association has been entrusted to the current Technical Director Adam Golecký, while his position goes to Petr Jirán. Martin Semrád has been involved in the Association in various roles (Member, Member of the Supervisory Board, Director of NIX.CZ) since 2005. 

“The Director of NIX.CZ Martin Semrád has asked the Supervisory Board to release him from his function. Martin has served as our Director for nearly seven years and would now like to spend some time focusing on his private business activities. The Board has thanked Martin for his years of hard work and has wished him much success in his future projects,” Ondřej Filip, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, said.

For over 20 years, NIX.CZ Association has been bringing together Czech and foreign internet service providers for the purposes of interconnecting their networks. Other activities of the Association include the FENIX internet security project, which was launched following a number of significant DoS attacks targeting Czech banks, operators or key internet media; the NIX.SK neutral peering node, one of the two main Slovak peering nodes, or the annual international CEE Peering Days conference.